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Swiftwater Safety Rescue Tech 3 – Technician

Swiftwater Safety Rescue Technician Level 3 course is designed for those that are required to be in a medium risk river environment. This course is based on personal risk, self-rescue, teammate rescue and subject rescue. The course is designed to develop rescue skills in medium risk environments. This course is for those that are required to operate in the “hot zone”.


  • By the end of the course the students will have the following understanding:
  • Swiftwater theory and absolutes
  • Site assessment and emergency planning
  • Risk assessment and responsibility
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Swiftwater communications
  • Hydrology and hazard recognition
  • Swiftwater rescue swimming
  • Throwbag and belay
  • Swiftwater wading
  • Entrapment rescue
  • Swiftwater rescue rope techniques
  • Improvised and contact rescue techniques
  • Personal and subject profiling and management
  • ICS scenarios
  • Agency task specific


  • Good Health
  • Able to Swim
  • Completion of Swiftwater Awareness Course


  • Training will be 3-days plus eLearning.
  • eLearning will be sent approximately 2-weeks prior to training and is to be completed prior to the start of the course.
  • 3-days practical training on the river


  • Swiftwater Safety Rescue Technician Level 3
  • Rescue Canada and IRIA certified.
  • Valid for three (3) years
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