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First Aid and CPR Instructor Development Program

BFA is an authorized Instructor Development Centre and Training Partner for the Canadian Red Cross 


Certification: 3-year Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor (FAI) Certification. This is achieved upon completion of the Pathways up to and including facilitating a 2-day Standard First Aid Course Level C & AED.


First Aid & CPR Instructors support the Red Cross First Aid Program through the delivery of First Aid and CPR courses. Candidates enter our comprehensive Instructor Development Program, designed to prepare them to support dynamic, learner-centred classroom environments. The First Aid Instructor program is a demanding, all-inclusive, learner-centered experience, which prepares candidates to effectively deliver a variety of Canadian Red Cross core programs. Upon successful completion you will be authorized to facilitate the following courses:

  • CPR Level A and C + AED
  • Emergency and Standard First Aid + CPR A/C & AED
  • Emergency and Standard Child Care First Aid
  • Marine Basic First Aid


  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid CPR C/AED certification within the last 12 months

Completion requirements:

100% attendance – Skills Demonstration, online components, classroom, Teaching Experiences, and 80% minimum passing grade on written test


Skills Demonstration (approximately 6-hrs)

Fundamentals of Instruction (online – approximately 8-hrs)

Classroom work (approximately 32-hrs)

Teaching experience (approximately 16 hrs)

First Aid & CPR Instructor Development Pathway

Below is the pathway to become a certified First Aid & CPR Instructor. You must successfully complete each step before advancing to the next step. Certification is valid for three years.

1. Evaluate Skills and Check Prerequisites

Confirm prerequisites are met. You must be 18 years or older, have a valid participant certificate for the program you wish to teach, and successfully complete a skills evaluation. 

2. Fundamentals of Instruction

Complete the Fundamentals of Instruction online component (8 hrs*), and a classroom component (14 hrs 30 min) focused on the application of fundamentals. 

3. Discipline-Specific Classroom Component

Attend the First Aid & CPR discipline-specific classroom component (14 hrs 30 min), which focuses on the specific skills of that program.

4. Teaching Experience

Complete the Teaching Experience online module (30-45 min*) and a classroom component with the support of a Teaching Experience Supervisor. 

5. Certification

An electronic certification will be issued upon completion. Certified Instructors can teach Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, Marine Basic First Aid, Emergency Child Care First Aid, Standard Child Care First Aid and CPR courses.

* Online learning time will vary depending on the learner.

First Aid and CPR Instructor


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