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Ice Rescue Awareness Online Webinar

Various Dates: See calendar for details 

The Ice Rescue Awareness course curriculum consists of the classroom portion of the Lifesaving Resources Ice Rescue Technician curriculum and requires approximately 3 hours to complete.


This curriculum meets/exceeds NFPA 1670 & NFPA 1006 Standards for Technical Rescue and represents the minimum level of operational capability required for the First Responder when responding to a rescue or recovery incident on or through the ice. This training will be beneficial to anyone responsible for Incident Command at the scene of an ice incident, as well as for all shore-based personnel.

Upon successful completion of the Ice Rescue Awareness course, the participant is awarded a Course Completion Certificate valid for 5 years from the course completion date. The graduate is then eligible to participate in the skills portion of the Ice Rescue Technician curriculum and must complete the skills portion within 1 year of receiving the Awareness level certification.

Upon receipt of registration for the Ice Rescue Awareness course, the candidate will receive a Course Guidebook and prerequisite reading assignments. The candidate must then complete the pre-test prior to participating in the on-line or in-person training session.


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