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Snowmobile Safety Course (SSC)


Course Summary:

The snowmobile Safety Course is specifically designed for people who enjoy exploring the backcountry on their snowmobile. Every year in Canada there are numerous injuries and fatalities related to snowmobile use. The goal of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to prepare for the worst-case scenario, and to deal with emergencies when they occur. This two-day (16-hr) course is comprehensive and enjoyable with classroom and practical activities. Key topics include:

1) Trip preparation and packing for the backcountry
– Trip planning
– The Ten Essentials

2) Survival and self-rescue on ice covered water
– Fundamentals of Ice Safety
– Cold water rescue and survival

3) Wilderness survival skills
– Emergency shelters
– Fire
– Navigation
– Signalling/Communication
– Food/water safety
– Predator defense

4) Emergency Wilderness First Aid
– Scene Assessment
– Activating Emergency Medical Services
– Patient Assessment
– Treatment of life-threatening emergencies
– Treatment of non-life-threatening injuries
– Recognizing and treating a hypothermic/frostbitten person


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